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Digital Marketing is the new age factor for a successful Marketing Strategy. Your brand’s digital presence is not just about having a slogan posted on websites or in social media but it’s creating the right content that stands out. 

Aditude can help your brand on the social media by using the right marketing strategy and a monthly calendar of professional posts and stories that will ensure a professional online success.   

Taco Bell Post

_Taco Bell Cyprus

We think outside the bun as Taco Bell's slogan suggests. Taco bell and Aditude are the perfect match. We are responsible for the brand’s print and social media material, the stunning animated menu boards and in mall promo screens.

Wagamama Post


Wagamama Cyprus and Greece is our baby since day one. A global pan asian cuisine brand that we are proud to be part of it. Inspired by its minimalistic design approach, we create tons of print and online promotions, menus and animations.


_Funky Treats

We love donuts and what a better chance to work with Funky Treats and their social media content, post and story needs.

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