Packaging that impacts

​Packaging. Why does it matter what is on the outside, as long as the product on the inside is good? After all, packaging is thrown away once the product has been revealed.

Actually, it matters very much!

Packaging is not just a pretty picture or writing on a box, tin or jar. It is not just there to protect the product from damage. Packaging is actually the reason a customer will initially gravitate towards your product over the other hundreds or thousands – even if they are not consciously aware of it.

Every font, colour, image or package shape you choose for your product sends a message, or appeals to consumers in a different way. And just as some colour schemes, images and designs attract and positively influence consumer’s buying decisions, other combinations will repel them all together, regardless of how good the product inside is.

Packaging is also an important part of brand consistency in cases where there is a broad product range (different flavours of a product, for example).

In short, good packaging is memorable and stands out among a sea of competitors, and today’s packaging should be distinctly modern… fresh, defining, minimalistic and easy on the eye.

Aditude expertise

As an example of packaging that really hits the mark, the pouches we designed for Chicco di Caffe and the package range for Harmani herbs are different in style, but both capture all the elements of good package design.

Chicco di Caffe is a brand of organic, Columbian coffee. The packaging reflects the natural, earthy nature of the product with clean, light pouches with a modern design. The brand and what it represents is clearly distilled into the pouch design.

The key for the Harmani range of organic herbs and spices was to create a common theme that would work for all the different types. This was done by using different colours for each product to reflect the particular herb or spice. The different package types, such as jars, cartons and fabric bags also make the product attractive as a gift.

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