The importance of having a website

It is hard to believe that there are businesses in Cyprus that still do not have an online presence in 2016! And yet, we meet with many small – medium enterprises that are not even aware of the impact this has on their success.

A Cystat report showed that companies on the island are starting to take their online presence more seriously; all the largest companies in Cyprus have a website, and the rate for medium sized companies is increasing with 72.6% having a website in 2014 compared to 70.8% in 2013.

But if you are in the percentage that still does not have a website, then you are doing your business and your customers a great disservice.

Why do I need a website?

• Companies of all size should have a website: The effect on small businesses can sometimes be the biggest as their status and credibility is increased through having one.

• A lack of website makes you invisible: With so many consumers using internet searches to locate products and services, if your company is not online, no one can look for – or discover you.

• Money spent is money gained: The cost of running a website is inexpensive, and even more so compared to what it costs you in lost revenues if you are not online.

• Connecting and interacting with customers is quicker and easier: And without the need for telephone calls and visits – a convenience that today’s time-strapped consumer appreciates.

• Websites keep you current and updated: They are a very effective and easy way of announcing what is new, or showcasing additions.

• 24-hour access: Whilst your business may close, your website doesn’t, thus capturing a whole new customer base of people who browse and surf the web at unconventional times​

Don’t let your business be the one that is left behind…

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