Social Media: a vital lifeline for businesses

Whether you love it or hate it, there is no denying the power of social media, and the immense influence it has in user’s lives.

Social media is a huge opportunity for (mostly) free promotion - all over the world, but on a small island like Cyprus, this effect is magnified further.

A Eurostat report on social media usage in Europe showed that Cyprus has a high rate of people using sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; in fact, nearly 60% of 16-77 year olds (around 600,000). This is a huge increase since 2011’s 33%, and it continues to rise, making social media a significant platform that businesses in Cyprus simply cannot afford to overlook.

A Cystat report revealed more specific trends on the island; that of those using social media, a whopping 81.3% use Facebook and LinkedIn for business, which is followed by blog sites (like Twitter) and sharing sites (like YouTube).

Why is social media so successful?

Cyprus in particular is a small country, and advertising or having a presence on social media sites is a much more personal method, in a sense, it is like being ‘let into the lives’ of the user through their own pages and accounts.

In the same vein, learning about your customer and their preferences is much easier, and so is connecting and interacting with current and potential clients by offering a more present and approachable customer service - which further enhances your brand and its reputation.

There are also great prospects to rapidly expand your customer base from local to global through the clever use of hashtags, and by enticing users to like, share and post about your services or products.

And with its cost effectiveness, it really is a win-win situation… as long as you ensure you are doing it right!

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