Logo: little graphic, big importance!

A logo is the graphic that requires the most thought, but will appear in the smallest form… the one that has to be the simplest visually, but say the most, and it is also an often underestimated part of design!

Your logo is one of the biggest ‘investments’ you can make for your business or service. It is your brand ambassador, your ‘face’ and your signature, which is why it has to represent you perfectly.

It has been proven that people recognise and relate to images faster than text, which is why customers may forget a company name, but a good logo stays in their mind – and most can instantly recognise five of the world’s biggest logos at a glance.

So what makes a good logo?

The trinity of colour, font and graphic has to combine to represent you through something original, memorable and indicative of your services and values. This is not done by chance! Certain colours create particular associations or emotions that are relevant to the industry you are in, as do shapes, which an experienced graphic designer will be fully aware of.

And logos need to be uncomplicated… but there is a misconception that the simpler the logo, the less time it took to create, or the less attractive it will be. In fact, the reverse is true. In order to end up with the final, simple graphic, it takes many hours of input and work!

Visual attractiveness aside, logos also represent consistency and ‘anchor’ your materials, so you need to ensure yours retains its effectiveness and appearance in all cases - on a business card, a web banner, a billboard or a letterhead. In other words, it should be easily scalable and adaptable to appearing in both colour and monochrome.

Does your logo tick all the boxes?

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