Don’t slow down marketing at Christmas!

Christmas is coming… and there can be a sense of being able to sit back, relax and let the hype of the season do all the work for you without needing to maintain your promotional presence.

It is an understandable perception; after all, everyone is already primed to buy if your sector is one of those that benefits from the increased spend. Or if your industry is one that has nothing to do with the season, you may think that the minds of the customer are elsewhere, and so there is no point in continuing with a marketing strategy until the festivities die down!

But Christmas is a great time to ramp it up, and here’s why:

1. People have more time on their hands and are in a more festive and relaxed mood to shop or try new products – including through increased internet browsing and media viewing/listening.

2. Traffic is increased, whether it is footfall or online, which means a bigger audience is tuned in and listening to what your advertising says.

3. The end of the year and a fresh start with the new one makes it an important time to sow the seeds for future success by staying in the minds of your customer base.

4. With people enthusiastic about New Year’s Resolutions and planning ahead, Christmas paves the way for January, when people are excited to try a new thing (hobby, lifestyle, product, service)… and it could be yours!

5. Purse strings are loosened; some people see the Christmas period as their splurge and treat time after saving all year or being more prudent – this often means they are more liberal on what they are spending on.

6. Your competitors are most likely taking the seasonal opportunity to make their own presence bigger…

…don’t let yours get left behind!

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